Gabriela Carzoli

Hello my name is Gabriela and I am a student at the University of Texas at El
Paso. I have chosen to focus on stereotyping, because of how frequent and common
this issue happens to be around us. I have decided to do some research on this psychological issue to inform the audience about the effects that stereotyping may have or lead to. Not only will I be informing about the effects, but I will also inform about what actions can be taken to prevent stereotyping from occuring, or ways to reduce it. My research has all been done through secondary research or even primary reasearch through the use of surveys, and interviews. I myself have learned more about this topic, and have grown an interest in this topic. My mission with the use of this website is to spread the word about stereotypes, and persuade people to take inn this information and apply it to their own knwoledge.